Summer Holiday Workshops (Event Announcement 2021-2022)

Summer Holiday Workshops

For school aged children.

Yes! You can claim your creative kids voucher for these workshops.

Join us for a session of connecting to nature through art and craft. Children will be guided to create and express their connection to the natural world through a series of wholesome experiences, and at the end of the day they will take home their creation.

We use covid safe practices and bookings are limited to maintain safe numbers. Dates subject to change in line with guidance from NSW health. We will postpone workshops if we are obliged to discriminate over medical status. Educators are exempt from wearing masks.

All materials provided. Children bring their own lunch, morning and afternoon tea. No food will be provided.

Dates and costs:

Thursday 8.30 to 3.30 ECO DYE and flower mandalas full day $150 per student

Friday 8.30 to 12 Felting 3 hours $75 per student

Friday 1 to 4.30 Succulent mini gardens 3 hours $75 per student

Full day Friday: $150. Claim your creative kids voucher with us. Enquire about 10% sibling discounts and special concession rates for low income families.

Thursday 13th January 2022 EXPLORING BOTANY THROUGH ART full day

Morning Eco Dye on Felt Workshop 8.30 am to 3.30

This workshop encourages children to connect to the natural world and express this connection through printing with leaves onto felt. Children will take a walk through the workshop grounds if weather permits and collect fallen leaves, learn the names of the plants and their role in the environment and develop their understanding of the importance of respectful interactions between humanity and the earth.

Children choose leaves and arrange on felt. They are guided through preparing these for chemical transformation using heat and pressure to bond the tannins from the leaves into the felt.

Through this experience students build knowledge, resilience and patience and develop and express their connection to the natural world.

Educators will heat the felt safely in the kitchen and children will unwrap their creations in the afternoon to take home.

Afternoon Mandala creation

Flower and leaf mandala arranging, in groups or individually. This meditative exercise in self expression supports design planning, mathematical concept exploration, fine motor skills and collaborative skills. Children work together or individually to explore the concept of transient art and further connect to the natural world. Children’s work will be photographed.

Friday 14th January 2022 Art with NATURAL FIBRES Morning session

Morning session Felting Workshop

This workshop introduces children to working creatively with wool products to create a wet felted item to take home. The activity begins with an introduction of where fleece comes from, with demonstration of raw fleece and dyed and carded fleece products.

Students will be making a wet felted placemat or picture to take home. Elements include selecting fleece colours for the project and instruction in how to lay out fleece ready for felting. Students will be guided through the wet felting process including knowing when their item is finished and the final washing stages.

Creative outcomes for this activity include learning about fleece and its history and processing, developing a creative sensibility, learning the artistic technique of wet felting, understanding the effects of hot and cold water on fleece fibres, developing fine motor skills through use of hands to make, developing of attention, focus and following step by step processes to complete a project, and creative thinking and critique through observation and discussion of everyone’s work.

Friday 14th January 2022 Create Mini Gardens! Afternoon session

Afternoon Session Succulent mini gardens!

Using a variety of awesome funky succulent cuttings children will learn basic horticulture skills and plant their own mini garden to take home and cherish.

Students will decorate their own terracotta pot or teacups to plant their creation in, and be shown the parts of the plants, their functions and how to care for succulents and other plants.

Throughout this workshop students will develop their literacy, language and self-sufficency skills as they learn the basics of horticulture. These skills provide students with the confidence and basic understanding needed to explore gardening further.

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