Terms and Conditions of Booking

Please read carefully before completing your enrolment and payment. ‘Event’ in the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment outlined here refers to any term course for children or adults, adult workshop, virtual workshop or course or school holiday program. EarthConnect Education’s ABN is 5799378975.

‘Events’ means any workshop, incursion, online course or activity run by EarthConnect Education. ‘You’ means the student/parent/carer signing an agreement, booking or enrolment on behalf of a child or an adult signing for themselves. ‘We/Us/Our’ means EarthConnect Education and any of their employees, representatives, volunteers, agents or other person acting for EarthConnect Education.

‘Booking’ means filling a booking form or otherwise enrolling in any event held by EarthConnect Education ‘Site’ means earthconnecteducation.com. 


By booking any person in any event held by EarthConnect Education, you agree to be bound by these terms, which you acknowledge that you have read and fully understood. Any questions about these terms and conditions can be emailed to care@earthconnecteducation.com before booking. 

Our events are intended for general education and enjoyment. Any examples within our workshop materials are not to be taken as a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. 

If any provision of these Terms is deemed invalid or unenforceable, all or part of that provision will be severed from the Terms and will not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms.

Cancellations due to COVID-19 Coronavirus or other pandemic, natural disaster or other Force Majeure Events Should you need to withdraw from a class based on medical advice or a NSW Government directive that you should be isolated at this time, please cite this reason and provide a doctor’s certificate, Covid-19 test results or evidence that you live in or have visited a hotspot to support your request. Other terms and conditions still apply as listed below. 

In the event of a lockdown or other force majeure event that prohibits the event taking place, we will endeavor to supply the event online or change the date. Variations of terms and conditions  We reserve the right to vary, change or amend any part of these terms at our discretion. In that event of an amendment, we will provide notice of the variation by publishing the updated terms on our site. The updated terms will have effect on the date of publication.  

Your attendance at any event, or use of our service, or the site constitutes your agreement to the updated terms and is taken as your agreement to be bound by these updated terms. Should you object to disagree to the terms you may contact us care@earthconnecteducation.com 

Parent/Carer Obligations 

On booking EarthConnect Education is to be supplied with any applicable court orders or AVOs that apply to a student will be sent to us or other information relating to that child’s health and welling. 

Parents/Carers/you remain responsible for the behaviour of their children or wards while attending an event with EarthConnect Education and agree to pick them up immediately if requested by us.

Parents/Carers will drop off and pick up at the specified times and agree to late pick up fees of $25 per half hour.


All material at our events, or otherwise delivered by us via our membership services, including (but not limited to) information, templates, text, graphics (Our Content), is subject to copyright. While you may browse or print Our Content for non-commercial, personal or internal business use, you must obtain our prior written permission if you’d like to use, copy or reproduce it. Modification of Our Content for any other purpose is a violation of our copyright and other proprietary rights, and is strictly prohibited.

You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by attending our events or learning Our Content.

The trade marks, logos, and service marks displayed at our events to denote our brand are

either registered or unregistered trademarks of us (our Marks). Our Marks, whether registered or unregistered, may not be used in connection with any product or service that does not belong to us, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion with customers, or in any manner that disparages us.

Nothing contained at our events should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any our Marks without our express written permission.

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

EarthConnect Education reserves the right to amend or cancel any class, tutor or schedule. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to reschedule at a suitable time. Should a booking have to be cancelled due to insufficient enrolments, any student enrolled will be contacted and an alternative class, credit or refund arranged.  We have the right to refuse any enrolment at any time for any reason. In this instance, we will return full fee including admin free.  

Cancellation of enrolment or Withdrawal from an event 

Cancellations advised by phone or by email once our school holiday program has commenced and up to 5 business days before the workshop date incur a $15 admin fee per cancellation. The remaining workshop fee can be refunded or held in credit or you may substitute a friend (or sibling) to attend the same class you booked for your child at no cost.

Please let us know of any substitutions before the class commences.  You will not receive any credit if you cancel a workshop 2 business days before the workshop, 1 business day before workshop or on the day of the workshop. You may substitute a friend (or sibling) to attend the same class you booked for your child at no cost.

Please let us know of any substitutions before the class commences. 

NO refunds transfers or credits if you withdraw or cancel on the day of the course or workshop. 

NO refunds transfers or credits once the class has commenced. 

Requests for transfers made within 48 hours before the workshop will not be accepted. 

Payment of fees 

Event fees are listed with the course details on our site. Payment of the full class fee via online credit card payment is required at the time of enrolment to secure your place, or use your creative kids voucher by following the steps below. 

NSW Creative Kids Vouchers 

How to redeem your Creative Kids voucher with us:

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your Creative Kids voucher with us. If you don’t have a voucher or want to find out more, please visit service.nsw.gov.au 

Your 2021 Creative Kids voucher (valued at $100) is valid until 31 December 2021 

During school holidays, book your child in any number of workshops with a combined value of or over $100 to use your Creative Kids Voucher. You cannot book online using your Creative Kids Voucher 

To book using your Creative Kids Voucher, you will need to email your child’s voucherto care@earthconnecteducation.com with the following information: 

  • Child’s Full name 
  • Child’s date of birth 
  • Parent/Guardian name and mobile phone number 
  • Details of classes you wish to enrol them in (name of class, age group, date
  • and time for each class and child) your street address 
  • alternate contact (other parent/adult) name and mobile in case of emergency 
  • any medical conditions or special needs we should be aware of 
  • how you heard about us
  • any relevant court orders or AVOs applicable to the child you are booking for. We will then contact you for payment of the balance of fees and any other information we may need. 

Please note: we cannot retrospectively apply the Creative Kids Voucher if you have already enrolled and paid. 

Special Terms and conditions 

1. Your child’s enrolment will not be confirmed until your voucher number is validated by us with Service NSW. 

2. If you have already enrolled your child for any term class or workshop and paid the full fee, you cannot retrospectively use a Creative Kids voucher. 

3. Any discounts such as early bird and sibling discounts still apply for term courses 

4. All our usual terms and conditions apply to your enrolment 

5. You will need to pay the difference between the invoice total and the Creative KidsVoucher amount. Note that invoices will show the value of the Creative Kids voucher

as outstanding until EarthConnect Education is reimbursed by Service NSW. Payment to us is not immediate. 

6. ^If the value of your class is less than $100, you will forfeit the balance. We are only reimbursed for the same value of your class or the voucher, whichever is the

lesser. Eg you can use your voucher for a holiday workshop with a $60 fee, but you will forfeit the $40 remaining. Instead, enrol in 2 classes at $60 each and just pay the extra $20 (or more depending on the classes chosen) for a full day of art. 


From time to time, we take photos during class of students and artworks. These photos are used for EarthConnect Education’s promotional purposes such as press advertising, brochures, social media, editorials and website. These photos will never be sold and will be used exclusively by and for EarthConnect Education. As a Condition of Enrolment your consent is implied. Should you not wish for us to take and use photos of you, your child or your artwork please notify us in writing. 


Students are to bring their own food and water appropriate to the length of the event, this may include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Food will not be supplied by EarthConnect Education. There will be no nuts or nut products brought to any event. 

Student conduct 

EarthConnect Education is a safe space for all, and we expect students to respect fellow artists, artwork, teachers and property. Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, race sex, gender, sexuality, marital status, physical or intellectual disability, or religion will not be tolerated. Students deemed to be exhibiting inappropriate or disruptive behaviour may be sent home. Fees will not be returned if a student is sent home.

It should also be noted that cleaning of your class art space and common areas is a shared responsibility. Students will be respectful of the venue/s we hold events in and the surrounding environment, and will be responsible for cleaning their work space and maintaining the venue. Students damaging property or being disrespectful to the venue, neighbours and environments will be sent home. Students will remain within the grounds of the venue within the verbally specified area.


Out of respect for other students and tutors, students are requested to be punctual for class. Children should be escorted to and from the art school by a parent or carer, signed in on arrival and collected promptly at the end of class.   Parents/Carers will drop off and pick up at the specified times and agree to late pick up fees of $25 per half hour.

Phone and Social Media use while at an Event 

Phones and social media will not be used or accessed by students while at an EarthConnect Education event. Students can use their phone for contacting parents/carers with the permission of teachers or to take photos of own work and processes with teacher’s approval. 

Occupational Health & Safety 

If you have an existing medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect your participation in a class, you should notify us at the time of enrolment. Medications will be administered by parents/carers on arrangement by email care@earthconnecteducation.com. 

In the event of a serious incident, injury or illness, we will call emergency contacts and/or seek medical care at our discretion and you will be liable for any costs that arise.  


Contact information you supply to EarthConnect Education. will not be disclosed without your express consent, except where required by law. We do not retain any credit card information that you may provide. We do not store any information about student’s progress or their work other than as set out in Terms and Conditions. 

We will from time-to-time send emails to students and past student s for the purpose of marketing. Should you not wish to receive mailings from EarthConnect Education. Please notify us that you wish to unsubscribe and you will be removed from our mailing list. 

Limitation of Liability 

You agree that any claim made against EarthConnect Education will be made in writing within 30 days of the incident taking place and failure to report in writing within this time will negate any such claim.

The maximum aggregate liability for EarthConnect Education to the Participant, Parent and/or Carer will not exceed the Fees.

Neither EarthConnect Education nor any Teacher, assistant nor any employee, agent or other representative accepts responsibility in respect of loss, damage or expense incurred by a Participant, Parent and/or Carer arising directly or indirectly or in any way connected with the attendance of the Participant, Parent and/or Carer at Classes (or any Class) or any other act or omission on the part of EarthConnect Education, its Teachers, assistants, employees, agents and/or representatives.

These Terms and Conditions of Bookings are to be construed in accordance with the laws from time to time in the state of New South Wales, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales. These Terms and Conditions of Bookings contain all of the terms and conditions of the contract between the parties and may only be varied by agreement in writing between the parties. Any conditions found to be void, unenforceable or illegal may, to that extent, be severed from the agreement. No waiver of any of these Terms and Conditions of Bookings or failure to exercise a right or remedy by EarthConnect Education will be considered to imply or constitute a further waiver by EarthConnect Education of the same or any other term, condition, right or remedy.