About EarthConnect Education

Now more than ever children’s connection to the elements and natural world needs careful nurturing as we move towards an uncertain future.

Our Mission

"Sustainability Made Accessible."

EarthConnect Education is dedicated to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to develop their connection with the natural world. By why stop at children? Each small step, taken by each and every individual, every tiny decision matters, hence we provide information, tools and resources to make sustainably, harmony and horticulture accessible, affordable and feasible for all.    

Our Vision

 "We borrow the earth from our children"

The future of humanity is linked directly to the health of our planet. This means each small step towards sustainability and harmony with nature is a step towards a better and brighter future. Children require the opportunity to be in connection to the natural world every day and experience a sense of awe and wonder. This is vital for growing future leaders in sustainability, as well as healthy teenagers and happy adults later in life.

We know how busy you educators and parents are, and we know you strive to create the optimal supportive and nourishing learning environment for all the children in your care. We also know how it is for educators to balance the obligations of regulations and quality areas with the specific demands of your service, not to mention individual children’s needs and requirements! We know the weight of the burden you carry and how that impacts your ability to reach your sustainability goals.

We particularly know the challenges and stresses faced by directors as they meet everyone’s needs.

ECE exists to support educators and carers to bring children into the natural world. To work alongside other experts and leaders in outdoor education and sustainability and teach children not only how to care for the earth but to empower them to make positive earth-connected choices as they grow. We work to take some of the pressure off busy educators as they meet this essential aspect of early education.

The values that underpin our work include an understanding of the interconnectedness between the earth and humanity, a reverence and advocacy children’s free and imaginative play within natural spaces, as well as a deep respect for First Nations people.

We understand that we work, and that we live and play on sacred country. We believe that children must engage their senses fully in their play and learning and be supervised and supported to take risks. We maintain that there is no unsuitable weather for play outside, only unsuitable clothing! What we bring to our incursions and programming ideas is based on respect for children’s innate learning capacity and grounded in a holistic approach to supporting this.

We recognise that all the wellbeing of all the adults in children’s lives is vital to supporting children’s wellbeing.

We hope that you are inspired to hug a tree and take your shoes off in the grass whenever you can after reading this. We know how busy and stressful educator’s days are in the classroom and we wish to take some of the stress off your shoulders with our resources and support within our community. May we all refill our cups and support each other, in order to be able to pour again tomorrow!

ECE has been a long time coming and was officially launched in early 2021. Message us to let us know what you would like to see from us as we work with other sustainability leaders to bring you useful content and resources.

"When we are exposed to sunlight, trees, water or even just a view of green leaves, we become happier, healthier and stronger. People living in green spaces have more energy and a stronger sense of purpose"

― Julia Baird

Our Client Say

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When it comes to barbequing, there are two main schools of thought for the techniques that you can use. Freshly scrambled eggs with applewood smoked bacon - are amazing!


When it comes to barbequing, there are two main schools of thought for the techniques that you can use. Freshly scrambled eggs with applewood smoked bacon - are amazing!

We turn ideas into works of art

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Incursions (Sydney and regional Sydney)

Early childhood teacher Karen and colleagues bring natural experiences to your service. Karen has a holistic approach that is nurturing, supportive and inclusive. Experiences are tailored to your services and children’s needs and build resilience and wellbeing, while challenging fine motor muscles and coordination. Children build literacy through songs and stories while their senses and wellbeing are supported through gentle direction, self directed exploration and natural sensory experiences.

Enquire about:

  • Growing plants (successfully!) with children, from seed, cutting or division. Vegetable, ornamental or indoors. 
  • Natural art experiences
  • Felting
  • Eco (natural) colour experiences
  • Composting workshops
  • Worm Farm revitalisation incursion
  • Seasonal bush tucker
  • Baking experiences with bush tucker
  • Bush tucker gardens
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Edible flowers gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Sensory exploration spaces
About Karen

Karen Hope is a horticulturalist, artist and early childhood teacher. She is passionate about creating natural environments for children’s learning and play.

Karen brings 20 years of horticulture to her online programs and consultations with early childhood services, schools and home schooling groups. Karen’s years as a the director of a busy preschool service gives her an insight into how overwhelming and important these roles are, and the ability to work with individual schools and services to tailor programs to the needs of students. 


Karen has qualifications in Steiner Education as well as a teaching degree. She is also a seed collector, native plant propagator, bush regenerator and general tree-hugger. Her personal philosophy of supporting children’s free undirected play and imagination underpins all her offerings.